Endless Glow was voted top start-up company in the industry and is growing 10 years strong!

“You are in business for yourself BUT not by yourself” Our EG family is one of the many things that set us apart from other airbrush tanning business providers. You will enjoy working with a team to motivate encourage and learn from each other all while making that CIP (Cash in Pocket) Our goal as a company is to offer you all the tools you need start and maintain a successful business doing airbrush tanning and/or teeth LED whitening.

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You will receive everything you need to start and grow a thriving business to do a service that you will grow to love. Our team of Tech’s all around the U.S. are part of our EG community of support and inspiration!

As a Certified Tech you can take part in our unique incentives, events, training programs, and rewards created just for you!

You are in business for yourself but not by yourself! 

“I love Endless Glow because the solution is spot on with every skin tone. I love the support I get from the company and especially from my team leader Alecia. But most of all, I love the confidence I’ve gotten, and the opportunity that we get to help our clients feel even more beautiful than they already are.”

– Shantelle Rudd, Independent Tan Technician

Our Products

E.G. products are formulated to work by themselves or in conjunction with our airbrush spray tan or LED Teeth Whitening service. Our line of professional products are both exclusive to our EG Tech’s and made with the highest quality ingredients.

As a certified Tech with EG you will learn the science behind the services and art of our one of kind application technique that is second to none. We are confident that you will love being part of our EG Tech Team that is growing and growing!

Free Sample

We will mail you a free sample of our Flawless Faces which is our signature solution in an easy to use bottle.  Simply email customersupport@endlessglow.com.

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