Airbrush Tanning Pro

Pro Glow™ – Signature Glow™ – Ultra Glow™ – Airbrush Solutions

Endless Glow uses only professional grade colors and DHA ingredients to help retain the signature color longer and give your clients an even tan each time.  Natural moisturizers have been added to leave your skin feeling soft and beautiful and to counter act the natural drying effect of products and environment on your skin. As a Certified Tech you will learn the in depth art and science behind the creation of these solutions and how to use them to work with your clients natural skin tone and desired result to 6 different levels of airbrush tan.

We feel as though products should not only enhance natural beauty but offer additional benefits to the skin. That is just the reason our solutions are created with added vitamins , skin firming and anti-oxidants in the solution themselves. You will no doubt be able to see the E.G. difference.

Pro Glow was created exclusively for the world of professionals to maximize the hard work and dedication it takes to be NUMBER ONE. In order to be the best you need to wear the best! And with Pro Glow you will be competition ready with our series of application schedules to ensure a Pro Glow every time! Our carefully engineered formula combines just the right amount of DHA with the perfect balance of deep bronzing to  maximize and give you the edge you need to win!

EG Pro Glow exclusively for the professional in you.

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INGREDIENTS: Aloe Vera in Purified De-Mineralized Water, Dihydroxyacetone (Eco-Cert DHA), Ethanol, Erythrulose, Caffeine, Copper, Glycerine, Firmaderm (Skin Firming), Vitamin Complex (A,C & E), Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate 20, AstraCranTM, Aquaxyl™, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Sorbitol, Fragrance/Odor Control, Phenethyl Alcohol, Caprylyl Glycol, Citric Acid, FD&C Red #40, Red #33, Green #5 and Yellow #5.