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Aerosol Airbrush Spray™

Instant Bronzer…Lasts for days!

Aerosol Airbrush Spray™ is the only way to treat yourself to a beautiful airbrush tan in the privacy of your own home. Packed with additional benefits, EG Aerosol Spray Tans’ instant bronzing formula, develops in hours and lasts for days!

7.5 oz….$44.99

2.5 oz….$16.99

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Flawless Faces™

Beautiful, Younger, Firmer Skin

Flawless Faces™ airbrush spray blends away imperfections and provides an amazing alternative to traditional makeup. Used as a body touch-up between tans, Flawless Faces™ also contains a formulated firming agent giving you younger looking skin.


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Brilliant Glow™

Younger, Healthier-looking Skin

Brilliant Glow™ self-tanning lotion is infused with advanced moisturizers that condition and firm your skin as it delivers a beautiful tan. Color starts to develop in 1-2 hours and lasts for days while helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The tinted formula provides a streak-free application and optimal usage for all skin types.


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Smooth Glow™

Protects Against Unnecessary Drying & Irritation

Smooth Glow™ shaving potion helps prolong the life of your tan, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple with each shave. Its PH balanced formula is enriched with moisturizers that gently protect against unnecessary drying & irritation, restoring hydration and leaving your skin beautifully soft & naturally fragrant.


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Polished Glow™

Renews Skin’s Natural Tone & Texture

Polished Glow™ exfoliating scrub gently removes dry, flaky skin creating the perfect base for your Airbrush Spray Tan. This PH balanced formula is enriched with special conditioning, exfoliating beads that enhance healthy cell growth, leaving your body more beautiful than ever before.


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Sunless Tanning Kits™

GET TAN, Maintain Your Tan, Touch-up Your Tan & Texture

Our sunless tanning kits are designed to give you a beautiful, natural tan, and/or extend the life of your airbrush spray tan. Click below to view each kit price and description.

$45.00 – $90.00

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