Glow LED Teeth Whitening

LED Teeth Whitening Kit includes everything you need to start building a successful business offering an affordable and effective service! Take advan-tage of this HUGE money making business or as an add-on service to your already existing clientele. The teeth whitening industry is over a billion dollar in-dustry with high demand for effective products.
Complete with certification and personalized web site you will be on your way to establishing yourself a lucrative business in no time! This package includes:
Premium Teeth Whitening Light
Mobile Bed
2 Safety Glasses
Business Binder and Printed Business Tools
Upgrade to stationary chair for $200
50 Client Bibs
100 Latex Gloves
5 Hydro Boos Syringes
20 prefilled bleach trays
5 Remineralization Gel Syringes
20 pretreatment teeth wipes
20 vitamin e swabs
10 client consent forms
100 Shade Guides
Online Management Tools .
Online Office for Client Maintenance .
Create Client Accounts for ordering products
Mobile Website .
A number of printable resources such as Thank you cards, Client Consent Forms,
Pricing information, signage, before and after care cards etc. –
Online Certification .
Life time access to our EGLS for online certification and continuing education
courses -Certification (sent in the mail upon completion of online cert. –
Business Coaching .
Access to our online forum where we do live chats, motivational information, industry
updates and allow you to connect with other Tech’s across the country
Yearly Events for hands on interactive learning .
Access to our Master Tech Program
. As part of EG you will be able to take part in the many Incentive programs that
we have available. Participate in company events and activities and have a spot
in a warm inviting culture of other Tech’s that are doing the same things as you.