Teeth Whitening Equipment

Pop-Up Mobile Airbrush Spray Tan Tent

Airbrush Spray Tan Equipment, Tent

The Endless Glow Pop up Airbrush Tent truly takes your business mobile. Designed to catch any overspray and special formed to fit an extractor fan for optimal ventilation. It is super easy to clean, and folds away neatly in just seconds! Offers comfort and privacy to your clients while they are receiving their Airbrush service. Take your Endless Glow business mobile today!!

Professional Airbrush Spray Tan Compressor

Airbrush Spray Tan Equipment, Compressor

Endless Glow professional grade 1/4 horse power compressor ensures the power and stamina needed to do multiple airbrushes in a row. Sleek Black tank cover provides beauty in shape and utility in function. Air tank provides smooth airflow with no pulse technology. Equipment with water filter, pressure adjuster and pressure gauge. Auto stop and start to prolong the life of your motor. Low noise and thermally protected. 3/4 HP Twin Cylinder Air Compressor with the Sleek Black Tank Cover. Speed 1450/1700 r.p.m. Air Output per min liters:35-40

HVLP Airbrush Spray Tan Gun

Airbrush Spray Tan Equipment, Gun

The HVLP (high volume low pressure) airbrush gun, gives you the ability to deliver a flawless airbrush with minimal overspray. You will use less solution per application saving on your cost! It comes with four different ways to adjust the airflow to give you maximum control over your application.

Air Hose

Airbrush Spray Tan Equipment, Tubing

Hooking the HVLP Airbrush gun to the Compressor unit for optimal airbrush coverage.

Client Disposables

Airbrush Spray Tan Equipment, Tubing

Endless Glow offers a variety of disposable garments to ensure that every clients level of comfort is met. We offer them in a one size fits all thong, bra and hair protecting cap. Gloves and masks are provided for professional use only.