Meet the Owners

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing a rewarding financial opportunity while helping people achieve their dreams and reach beyond what they dare.

We are passionate about developing the highest quality products and providing service for our partners and clients through a superior support team.

XOXOXO Catherine Papa-Dakis, Ashley Porter

Our Story

My passion in life has always been to help people recognize their worth, to be mindful of their dreams, to feel amazing, and to know that with hard work, they can achieve anything doing something they love.

Before Endless Glow,  I  spent years  operating Day Spa retreats as a manager and  cosmetologist in my home state of Utah. From a young age, I loved having tanned skin and did every silly thing imaginable to get it! As I grew older and became more educated about the sun and my skin, I decided to embrace a safer, sunless way of tanning, and the search was on for the BEST way to go about it! In the salon where I was first introduced to an “airbrush spray tan,” I quickly learned how flawless and beautiful a sunless tan could actually be!

After becoming pregnant with twins delivered at 29 weeks,  I decided to stay home and raise my beautiful boys, not returning the industry that I loved with all my heart. One day when the twins were about 1 1/2 yrs. old I decided that I could do it all! I could have a family AND a rewarding business in the industry I LOVED. So, it was on!  Growing up in the family I did, starting a business was no big deal and something that never scared me at all, it was in my blood. And the rest is history!

Fast forward to 2014 when I met one of the most amazing people I know, Ashley Porter. Together we share a passion for the Tech’s that make up this amazing company, the products we have created and all the our beautiful future holds for Endless Glow!  We have found what works for Tech’s of all different backgrounds and different levels of desire for business. From a stay at home mom making extra money for the household to salon owners looking to dramatically increase revenue, we have products, training, and the support system you need to make your desires for your business a reality. And that makes me one proud women! Thank you to all the Tech’s, customers, and clients who have become a part of my life journey, my story. I am so grateful for all of you and  for this beautiful company I am blessed to call my home. XOXO Catherine


My entire life I thought I was going to be a teacher but the world had a different plan for me!  When I look back on my life’s experiences I can very clearly see that everything I’ve done was preparing me for a life in business and helping people.  Whether it was leadership in school, traveling across the country to open a retail store, or finding Endless Glow.
People in my life were constantly pointing out to me that I was a business woman, I however, was not convinced. I don’t remember having any real revelation that I was to lead a different life than I had planned, but I do know that I am doing exactly what I am meant to.  Endless Glow means many things to me, but most  importantly it means I get to help women achieve their greatest dreams, look past their fears, and bring beauty to those around them.
There is nothing more fulfilling than being a part of so many beautiful lives.
Along with being Co-Owner of Endless Glow, I am a wife to Ryan and momma to Aria. I love to travel, play games with family, watch Netflix, and watercolor paint.  I believe in reaching for your deepest dreams, and that you are your only limit.

Ashley Porter

About Us

Endless Glow’s certified Tech’s take high end services and make them affordable and convenient

our tech’s offer mobile and home services allowing them to keep overhead low to ensure these amazing services are affordable and convenient to EVERYONE!

E.G. is Revolutionizing the Tanning Industry

Now more than ever, healthy, safe skin care alternatives are in the forefront of the health and beauty industry.

At Endless Glow, you will find that you don’t have to give up your bronzed body to protect your skin and prevent aging.

Endless Glow Tech’s offer a superior alternative and affordable way to bring the healthy lifestyle of Airbrush Spray Tan to both men and women while providing the amazing benefits of the party plan concept.

Cosmetic LED Teeth Whitening

The #1 requested cosmetic service is NOW available through Endless Glow. Become a GLOW Tech or find a Glow Tech in your area to experience this safe & painless services that is fast and effective while providing INSTANT results!

For more info on our start up package click here comparison packages PDF 2017