Our Story

Endless Glow was founded by two sisters, Catherine Papa-Dakis and Kristi Holt, who shared a dream of empowering others through finding their own beauty and success in their dreams.

Their passion in life has always been to help people recognize their worth, to be mindful of their dreams, to feel amazing, and to know that with hard work, they can achieve anything they desire.

Sisters Catherine and KristiThe sisters spent years owning and operating Day Spa retreats as an esthetician and cosmetologist in their home state of Utah. From a young age, they sought to maintain beautiful glowing skin with traditional tanning beds in the winter and lots of sun in the summer. As they grew older and became more educated about the sun and their skin, they embraced a safer, sunless way of tanning, but were never entirely happy with the end results. When they were first introduced to Airbrush Spray Tan, they quickly learned how flawless and beautiful a sunless tan could actually be.

After starting families and operating their own home based businesses in the beauty industry, they realized how rewarding, beneficial and flexible a home based business could be. They became passionate about giving others the same opportunity to have a successful home business and began to find a way to combine Airbrush Spray Tan with the proven Party Plan concept to make a high-end service affordable and convenient for everyone.

The result of this hard work is seen in every aspect of Endless Glow. Endless Glow has been going strong and growing to over 700 tech’s across the country who have a wonderful culture and support team provided not only the company but the many tech’s that are part of our ever growing team. We are ready and excited to help you on your journey of growing your own home based business.