business faq’s

Customer FAQ's

I am interested in purchasing a product and receiving an airbrush. However, I don't have a Tan Tech yet. How do I find a tan technician in my area?

Right here on our website you can use our search field “find a tech” which will allow you to enter in your zip code to locate a tan tech in your area. Once you do so you can contact them by phone or access their website and register as a new customer so you can purchase products and schedule an airbrush tan. If you have an questions or would like assistance you can email customersupport@endlessglow.com

I just enrolled. How can I start my certification? Do I train with another Tech?

You can do all of your certification on line. Once you have enrolled you will receive a detailed email from Endless Glow which will provide your Tech number, and instructions on how to get started as soon as possible. Watch the videos and complete the quizzes provided. After completing the quizzes with a passing score your certification will be complete.

How many tans can I do with 1 gallon of solution, and how much money can I make with the service?

A gallon of our Signature Glow will perform 42+ tans. 42 is the minimum, depending on the clients and their desired end result, you could do up to 52 tans. If you perform 42 tans at $25 a tan that is $1050.00 per gallon of solution! The average cost for your per airbrush is between $3-5! Amazing right! Even further increasing your bottom line is the use of our tried and true “open house party” method that keeps down your overhead and allows you the quickest growth in your clientele.

Do I need to order the equipment before becoming certified?

Our start up kits are designed to give you what you need to start and execute a successful mobile/home business from the equipment, products, online certification, personalized website and online office to your Endless Glow business manual. Before you ever perform the service, it is highly recommended to watch the videos and get a good understanding of both the equipment and the service.

What is the return policy on product?

Endless Glow has a 30 day product guarantee policy, and 7 day replacement policy for items that are damaged when received. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can return your order for a full refund (excluding shipping).

How long does it take to get certified, and how long will it take for my equipment to get to me once order is placed?

The online certification takes up to 5 hours, depending on your certification.  Our certification is detailed and we want you to be as confident as possible, so we have made the EGLS (Endless Glow Learning System) available to you for the life of your business.  This enables you to always have a place to visit to review and learn more.  Remember, you are learning a skill that will take practice! You will receive coaching on what we call your “practice open house” and will give you the chance to put your knew skills to the test! We are here to help you feel confident and our team of tech’s and staff will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals.

Orders will generally take 24 hours to process and 7-10 business days to receive.

Tech FAQ's

I am a new enrollee with Endless Glow and I am unable to locate the retail products I would like to order?

Once you complete your Endless Glow certification your status will be moved from “New Enroller” to “Tan Tech” or “Glow Tech,” or “EG Professional”. You will then be able to purchase retail and professional products at wholesale that are available within that certification.

How do I update some of my personal information on my website?

You can update your information by logging in to your back office. Click the “profile” tab and click “edit” to change information. If you do not remember your log in credentials you can email customersupport@endlessglow.com

Or you can click on reset password on the login screen https://extranet.securefreedom.com/EndlessGlow/Login.aspx

I am a new tech and have watched all of the videos, but still feel like I need some one-on-one training?

Part of what makes Endless Glow Special is the network of other techs that work together as a team to help each other. We also encourage you to reach out to your enroller, as well as the facebook tech chat to get to know this area of your business. We also have staff that is able to do real time training via the internet to help you gain confidence. We also have events and Rising Star training classes to help those who ware interested in growing their business more effectively.  To receive the latest info on events and classes near you you can visit both your back office or the FB Tan Tech Chat.

You are learning a trade and perfecting a skill so just remember that practice makes perfect but we are here for you every step of the way!

Where can I order business cards and marketing material

You can order business cards and marketing tools  from the order tab in your back office. There are a number of resources that we have created for you to grow your business that are available free of charge to you! Just download and print! You can find these resources in the back office under the Tan Tech or Glow Tech tab.

What is the warranty for the equipment, and how do I get repairs? Is there any form of warranty on the equipment?

We have a 30 day manufacture warranty that covers 100% replacement on any factory issues. We also offer a year limited warranty that honors manufacturing issues. Things like dropping or misuse of your compressor would not be covered but can still be fixed by our repairs department. If you are within your 30 days we will issue you a return label for the shipping. Outside of the 30 days you will just need to ship your equipment back to the manufacture  directly. Please contact customersupport@endlessglow.com

for questions regarding any returns.

Do we get a discount on products such as the tan extender, lotions, toothpaste, etc to sell to clients?

YES! When you become certified with Endless Glow you are able to purchase products at wholesale and then turn around and sell them at retail. Clients can purchase the products from you or directly from YOUR website.  We do specials on products so watch your email for details about specials!

I placed an order, but haven't received it?

We strive to be fast and efficient with every order.  Orders take 24 hours for processing, and 5-7 business days for shipping.  You can request your tracking number by emailing customersupport@endlessglow.com or calling 866-525-4569.

Where can I find client information forms?

Go to www.Endlessglow.com, log in, and click resources. There are also a number of other free downloads that have been created to help you grow your business! So take a look around.

What are the benefits of having a new tech sign up under me and purchasing the business kit?

The benefits of having a team can not only be profitable but very rewarding.  If you log into your back office and click on the resource tab you can view the compensation plan summary. This will give you the information you are looking for on the financial benefits of building your team. In addition to the Cash Bonus and the continued commissions paid on your team, you will also be able to receive rewards and qualify for any of our many incentive trips taken and rewards given with the company! Lastly and most important you will have the opportunity to lead and encourage other tech’s inspiring them to become even a better version of themselves. This in and of itself can be one of the best rewards of all.

Where can I find information on how to clean and maintain my equipment?

If you log in to the Endless Glow Learning system in your back office you will find what you are looking for. You can also view an instructional video in your back office under the Tan Tech tab.

How do I care for my solution?

Store solution in a cool, dark place.  Exposing your solution to air or light will may shorten the life of your solution.  The shelf life for solution is generally 12 months.  The solution has active ingredients that will begin to oxidize over time which will compromise the color.