Sunless Airbrush Spray Tan

A sunless airbrush spray tan service is far superior to all other methods of achieving a natural looking tan. The ability to have a controlled level of detail, shading and customization performed by an expert Tan Technician is what sets Endless Glow Airbrush Spray Tan apart. In addition to choosing Airbrush Spray Tan for the superior outcome, it is a healthy, smart alternative to tanning in the sun, or in a tanning bed. Every day

beautiful Endless Glow solution applied by Lori Baxter, EG Independent Technician

there is new research about the harmful effects tanning with UVA and UVB have on your health. This issue can no longer be argued or ignored. Tanning in a tanning bed increases your chance of skin cancer by 75%.

It has recently been placed in the same risk category to your health as arsenic and cigarettes.

Of course there is also the element of beauty. Everyone feels better with an even skin tone and a healthy glow. Airbrush Spray Tan provides you with the ability to minimize flaws while maximizing tone and definition .

“If you can’t tone it, tan it.”

Endless Glow has worked very hard to provide a solution that not only colors your skin but offers an anti-aging Vitamin A,C,E complex and firming ingredients to help slow the signs of aging.

All About Sunless Airbrush Spray Tan

Hollywood has been using this professional airbrush technique for years. Pro athletes, Swimsuit models and TV shows such as Dancing With the Stars, and Extreme Makeover all use professional Airbrush Spray Tan to not only provide their superstars with a golden tan, but also to help sculpt and re-define body features for a better overall shape.


pictured: a beautiful Endless Glow solution applied by Lori Baxter, EG Independent Technician

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DHA?

(DHA) is a type of sugar, that when applied to the skin, causes a natural chemical reaction with your amino acids to produce a tan without exposing you to the harmful UV radiation of the sun. The process does not cause an increased production of melanin; therefore it is not comparable to a tan from sun exposure. Don’t be misled that you will receive the exact same result from an airbrush as you would UV sun exposure. You will, however, receive a tan that is both beautiful and good for your skin.

How do I prepare my skin for an Airbrush Spray Tan?

See Preparation Care info

How do I care for my new Airbrush Spray Tan?

See After Care info

What can I expect at the appointment?

You can plan on being with your Airbrush Spray Tan Tech for 20 – 30 minutes for your service. After explaining to your Tan Tech the color you are looking for, you will undress to your comfort level (disposable bra, thong and cap can be provided). Endless Glow promotes the highest level of confidentiality and privacy between a Tan Tech and his or her clients. Your Tan Tech will walk you through and show you a series of positions to enable you to receive an even, thorough application.

Please bring loose dark clothing to wear after your appointment since the color can rub off inside your clothes while it is setting. Don’t wear tight jeans/pants; they absorb the product from the skin. You should not wear nylon, silk or wool after receiving your application- solution washes out of most everything else. After your tan, don’t worry if you see any of the surface color fade from your body (this is from your clothing rubbing against your skin but once you take your shower, it will even out). The cosmetic tint is water-soluble so in most cases it will come off in the wash.

How long will the application last?

With one application, the tan naturally fades in around 5-10 days (it varies, depending on how fast your skin exfoliates, whether if you exercise every day, the natural moisture in your skin and whether you will be in water, etc.). Following a good skin care regimen before and after sunless tanning will help the tan last longer. Using Perfect Glow™ Tan Extender will both keep you moisturized and extend the color of your Endless Glow. You should apply moisturizer MORNING and EVENING (and after you shower); this is one of the most important steps to keep your color from fading. Again you can apply baby oil or lotions to your body before you shower (as well as after).

What about my furniture, sheets and clothes?

A little color may rub off, but it does wash out. We suggest wearing pajamas or sweats and putting a towel on your pillowcase if you are worried. Do not sit directly on leather or light fabric seats and furniture after your service (sit on towel or cloth instead) until after you take your first shower.

Is Airbrush Safe?

There are no known harmful side effects reported with the use of self-tanners containing DHA. It has been FDA approved for over thirty years and used for decades. It is certainly the safest way to enjoy a tan without the harm that the sun or tanning beds cause.

How is this method different from spray tanning booths?

Spray tanning in a booth is much like a hairspray pump that pushes solution without air. Some use shower heads allowing color to be sprayed downward only, creating areas that are missed or hard to get. Being sprayed by a machine can cause streaks and an uneven application.

Airbrush Spray Tan allows for a more personalized and precise application of solution. Because the solution is mixed with air, it delivers a very fine mist that looks much more even and natural. Your Tan Tech can add more solution to areas where the sun would naturally touch. There will be no ‘missed’ spots or uneven areas that can occur otherwise, because the solution application is monitored and controlled by your own personal Tan Tech. Endless Glow solution is also formulated to work with your individual skin tone giving you with the best sunless tan your skin can have.

How do I maintain my Endless Glow?

Take quick, warm showers; avoid long, hot baths; gently towel dry, blot the skin lightly; MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE! Avoid anything that exfoliates, including alpha hydroxy and glycolic creams. Dry, flaky skin will slough off faster and color will fade sooner. If you are using exfoliating creams, use Flawless Faces™ to give your face the color it needs. The very BEST way to maintain your Glow is by using Perfect Glow™ Tan Extender for your body and Flawless Faces™ for your face!

What should I do before my next Airbrush Spray Tan?

If you want to start completely over on fresh even skin, you will want to soak for 15-20 minutes in a hot bath and exfoliate with Polished Glow™ Exfoliating Scrub at least one day before your new application.

What should I do to prepare for my Airbrush Spray Tan?

You will need to exfoliate in the shower before your service using Polished Glow™ Exfoliating scrub (do not use an oil based exfoliating scrub – it will leave a residue on the skin which can act as a barrier to the solution to ensure you get the product onto clean skin. Please don’t apply lotion prior to your application.

If you want to wax, do it one or two days before your service. If you do wax after your treatment it will pull away the color from your skin. You will want to shave the day before. You can shave afterward as needed, using Smooth Glow™ Shaving Potion to extend your tan.

It’s best to do manicures and pedicures before your treatment. If you do it after, wait until after your first shower to avoid streaking. Also note that a pedicure exfoliation will take off some of the color.

What should I do after the service?

It is suggested to wait 9-12 hours before showering – anything less you will have a diminishing result. You will see bronzing color washing off the first time you shower but you don’t need to be alarmed. This is just the surface bronzer color that was applied. The DHA tan will gently and gradually fade due to your skin’s natural exfoliation. (You can apply baby oil or lotion to your skin prior to showering to lock in moisture and color.)

What about exercising?

Endless Glow suggests refraining from exercise for at least 9-12 hours to avoid compromising your application and color. Excessive perspiration can hinder the tanning process and lessen the final result. Make sure you rinse off before exercising so you don’t have any surface color rub off on your clothing. You may experience some color on your clothing due to perspiring, throughout the life of your tan.